This week marks the launch of Countryside Classroom, a website which promotes learning about food, farming and the natural environment.


Countryside classroom is the result of the  enthusiasm of a group of organisations who are committed to ensuing that children and young people have the opportunity to experience and understand more about

Food: where it comes from, how it is grown and cooked

Farming: from the care and preparation of the soil through to harvesting crops

The Natural Environment: providing teachers and parents with ideas, knowledge and skills to get children outdoors to explore our natural environment whether it be through forest school or outdoor science lessons orienteering or just recognizing common plants and animals.

Outdoor Learning Experiences has been a part of the development of Countryside Classroom, as a member of the core committee of organisations which worked towards its development and launch. However countryside classroom has only been possible due to the many organisations that have offered learning materials, venues or expertise to ensure that wherever you are located in England, and whatever you want to do, Countryside Classroom has ideas and resources to support you.

Its free, its open to all. Have a look!