The weather is just beginning to turn cooler, and some schools are already e-mailing in to secure their dates for Forest School. Personally I think Forest School is best in the autumn, when there are so many colours in the woods, and leaves, acorns and beech nuts provide lots of materials for art and craft activities. There are still opportunities for schools to come for Forest School sessions. Another popular activity is to come and visit the walled kitchen garden, which is full of blackberries, plums, grapes and many varieties of apples and pears,  as well as being the site of vegetable growing for a box scheme. Schools can link this to harvest festival, or just allow children the chance to taste fruit as they pick it straight off the tree.

Autumn is also the time for my favourite event, Art in the Woods, which will take place on October 13th in Hitch Wood (2-4 pm). Further details on the web site. This event is always enjoyable. A clearing in the wood becomes the site for  range of creative activities using natural materials. Hot drinks and cakes are sold by Emily’s tea shop, so that whatever the weather  adults and children can keep warm and fed. Parents are generally amazed at how engrossed children can be, and its even better when the parents become engrossed too! Several local artists come together, and for the past few years there has been a communal sculpture which everyone can contribute to, and at the end of the afternoon it is hung in the trees, for walkers to enjoy in the weeks to come. This is also a great opportunity to check out the forest school site, and get a taste of what forest school has to offer.