Each summer we offer a week of summer camp which combines drama activities with nature art and craft and forest school. Aimed at children aged 6-12, the camp provides a last chance to enjoy the summer sunshine and being outdoors before the August bank holiday and the return to school. Children create and then act out their own plays, coached by the Box of Frogs Theatre Academy. A local artist encourages them to become creative with clay, willow weaving, and flowers and leaves. And of course, there is den making, hide and seek, treasure hunts, and camp fires on which to toast marshmallows.

In addition to the activities for younger children, we also offer a drama workshop for older children. Children are involved as members of the cast, and there are also for roles for those interested in production, costumes, and music.

Our Forest Of Frogs summer camp ran from August 21st – 25th, 2017. With more than 50 children coming each day, we had a busy week. Younger children (aged 6-12) engaged in drama and music activities, forest school, and nature art and craft. Teenagers (12-19) put their minds to a production of Romeo and Juliet. In between the rehearsals, they still had time to enjoy some camp fires, wood caring, and learned the tango! By Friday afternoon they were presenting an amazing performance first to the younger children, and later to their friends and parents. Many thanks to Marking Rawlings and Elizabeth Keates who adapted the script, cast and directed the production so professionally.

The collaboration with Box of Frogs Theatre Academy will continue.

W’ll be up and running again next year – Dates provisionally set for Aug 20th-24th, 2018. As ever, in the beautiful gardens of St. Paul’s Walden Bury.

Contact Sarah Cash at BOFTS to reserve a place for 2018.