Outdoor Learning Experiences supports learning and engagement with the natural environment for all ages, based at East Hall Farm, a working farm with a focus on wildlife and learning. We seek to do this in several ways:

  • Offering a variety of activities for adults and children which enable them to enjoy being out in nature, such as Forest School, farm walks and tours, educational visits to the farm, and outdoor science lessons, and a summer camp. Sadly, due to the pandemic, it has not been possible to engage  in face-to-face as much as in previous years. However please do see the blog for news about what is happening in the countryside as you go for walks. 
  • With the possibility of schools opening soon, we are preparing for visits in the summer term.
  • Blogging about nature, the countryside, and outdoor learning. See the blog for regular updates.
  • Working with organisations that seek to promote outdoor learning and engagement with nature, such as the Scouts, Countryside Classroom, Farms for City Children, School Food Matters.
  • Influencing policy regarding learning in the natural environment, through membership of a strategic research group within Natural England.
  • Carrying out research on outdoor learning and environmental education. See the Research page for more details of project and publications of findings.

Outdoor Learning Experiences is based in Hertfordshire. The farm includes arable crops, livestock on grassland and woodland, and we have put over 10% of land into wildlife conservation and are protecting historical landscapes. Frances Harris, founder of Outdoor Learning Experiences, is a Senior Lecturer in Environmental Management at the University of Hertfordshire.